The Importance Of Protecting Your Computer From Viruses

Unless you’re completely new to owning a PC, you will know how important it is to protect your self from computer viruses. Back when people first started using the home computer and the Internet as we know it today (perhaps around 10 years ago), protecting your self from computer viruses wasn’t too important. Unless you were visiting dubious websites or the like then finding a virus was nowhere near as common as it is today. In fact, you may remember that if a widespread virus was discovered it would be newsworthy and you would probably find out about it on your TV before your computer.

But, back then we used the internet far, far less and the technology available today simply wasn’t around to the general consumer. Therefore you really didn’t think to protect your self from computer viruses. As broadband connections weren’t even thought we were forced to use a dial-up connection, or if we were very lucky we had an ISDN line. The point is that when you have to wait minutes for each page to load and pictures took forever, the interest in browsing the internet was really only for the Die-hard PC users.

Fast-Forward a few years and we can safely assume that around 80% of us use a computer every single day. I personally use my PC for around 4-5 hours a day, (yes it’s a little more than average considering I have a full-time job that doesn’t involve a PC). So, now we have broadband and most of us have an “Always On” connection. It only costs a small amount however much time we spend on the internet.

The problem is that this gives all the Scammers, Crooks, Virus Creators, Phishing experts, (the list goes on ) an enormous target to aim for. For example, a scammer can very easily send out a million emails with a virus attached to them. If you have no means to protect your self from computer viruses then this could not only infect your system, but obtain passwords or even worse, your bank details. The trouble is you wouldn’t even know until it was too late.

As long as you are sensible it is not difficult to protect your self from computer viruses. There are many free Anti Virus Programs available and depending on the level of protection you need there are some excellent paid choices. The most common advantage with paid virus protection software is the fact that it will have an auto-update feature, (if it’s a good one). This means that every time you connect to the internet your Virus Software Program will automatically connect to the company website and download all the latest updates. This means that as long as you keep paying your subscription you will always have the highest level of protection available.

You can protect your self from computer viruses with free software as mentioned above. But, if you do this you will need to make sure that you regularly update your software to stay protected. You will also need to be prepared that you will probably lack in some features. Or, your virus protection software maybe AD-supported, (i.e – display advertisements when you use the program).

One thing to be extremely careful of is ‘Free PC Scans’ . They are a great way to protect your self from computer viruses and alert you if there is anything abnormal going on BUT, only ever use one of these from a trusted website. There are people out there that will offer a free pc scan and then infect your computer with a virus. Of course when the scan comes back saying that your PC is affected they will then tell you to buy their software in order to remove the virus.

In summary always make sure you protect yourself from computer viruses buy choosing the right level of protection for you. If you shop or do your banking over the internet, then I recommend subscribing to an Anti-Virus Software Company. If you are just an occasional browser then you are probably better off to use a free Anti Virus service.