How to Remove General Anti Virus the Easy Way

General Anti-virus is a fake anti-spyware applications that is spreading quickly among PC users. It floods your computer with fake alerts about the presence of numerous malicious items on your computer. The rogue virus performs a fake scan and posts false results. The intention is to trap users into purchasing the full version of this rogue program. If infected I recommend you remove General Anti-virus immediately.

General Anti-virus gets installed on your computer clandestinely without your knowledge. You may get this malware if you have security holes on your computer or your system came in contact with a Trojan while browsing Internet.

The virus deceives users by using a logo and alerts that are quite similar to Microsoft. The worst thing about General Anti-virus is that it hijacks your browser and redirects it to insecure websites. It downloads malicious code that may steal the personal information from your computer and potentially cause identity theft. Therefore it is very important to get rid of this malware as soon as possible.

How to Quickly Perform a General Anti-virus Removal

The virus can be removed both manually and by using an automatic General Anti-virus removal tool. To manually remove this malware from your computer, you need to:

1. Block the associated web sites.

2. Search for malicious processes: GenAvir.exe, file.exe, GeneralAntivirus.exe, services.exe, iv.exe, and unins000.exe using Task Manager and kill them.

3. Unregister General Anti-virus .lnk files:
Purchase License.lnk

4. Delete associated files in directories:
%common files%
%Documents and Settings%

5. Delete the malicious registry entries from the following registry folders:


The manual removal of General Anti-virus from your computer is not recommended for non computer experts. This process requires removing highly sensitive registry files which can cause damage if erroneously altered. For folks who aren’t experts ,I recommend using software to remove the virus.