How to Remove General Anti Virus the Easy Way

General Anti-virus is a fake anti-spyware applications that is spreading quickly among PC users. It floods your computer with fake alerts about the presence of numerous malicious items on your computer. The rogue virus performs a fake scan and posts false results. The intention is to trap users into purchasing the full version of this rogue program. If infected I recommend you remove General Anti-virus immediately.

General Anti-virus gets installed on your computer clandestinely without your knowledge. You may get this malware if you have security holes on your computer or your system came in contact with a Trojan while browsing Internet.

The virus deceives users by using a logo and alerts that are quite similar to Microsoft. The worst thing about General Anti-virus is that it hijacks your browser and redirects it to insecure websites. It downloads malicious code that may steal the personal information from your computer and potentially cause identity theft. Therefore it is very important to get rid of this malware as soon as possible.

How to Quickly Perform a General Anti-virus Removal

The virus can be removed both manually and by using an automatic General Anti-virus removal tool. To manually remove this malware from your computer, you need to:

1. Block the associated web sites.

2. Search for malicious processes: GenAvir.exe, file.exe, GeneralAntivirus.exe, services.exe, iv.exe, and unins000.exe using Task Manager and kill them.

3. Unregister General Anti-virus .lnk files:
Purchase License.lnk

4. Delete associated files in directories:
%common files%
%Documents and Settings%

5. Delete the malicious registry entries from the following registry folders:


The manual removal of General Anti-virus from your computer is not recommended for non computer experts. This process requires removing highly sensitive registry files which can cause damage if erroneously altered. For folks who aren’t experts ,I recommend using software to remove the virus.

The Benefits of Remote Desktop Software

Are you having problems connecting to your computer or getting email, especially when you are on the road for some business trip and you need to access some files stored in your computer? Remote desktop computer services might be just the answer to your problem.

This is a special kind of software designed to allow access to your computer remotely. Moreover, it allows you to have access to other computers as well without the hassle of transporting your files through email or using USB drives.

There are many applications where remote desktop software would come very handy. For instance, you own an IT business and at some point in time, you need to log into your customer’s computer to assist them with some technical problems; with this kind of access you can conveniently fix the problem without the need to personally go to your customer’s area and check out their computer to fix it.

Another example is if at work, you work as a team with your co-employees and you constantly need to access files from each other. Now, instead of frequently sending emails or using USB drives to transfer data, you can use remote desktop software to access data or transfer them from one computer to another.

If you travel a lot for business and do not always want to carry a laptop or confidential data with you that could be at risk of getting lost or stolen. You can now get instant access to your home computer from and other computer that has Internet access.

There are several remote desktop services and software programs available for download online. Some can be quite expensive but there are free versions. Although you may not get all the custom features of the high end services, some free remote desktop software works really well. Your best bet is to try a free version and see if using this type of solution will suit your needs.

How To Look For Standard Computer Services

Irrespective of whether you are running a business or working for a reputed company, a computer is necessary. It’s impossible to work without computers. You cannot be assured that your computer will run smoothly whenever you run it. Many people find it difficult to repair computers, laptops, printers or even any of the electronic devices that they need all the time. That is when they need services from the professional service providers. Almost all places have agencies providing computer services. Miami is a city in the US state of Florida where companies not only provide services for computers. All that you need to do is choose the best company.

There are a few factors that you have to keep in mind before you go ahead and choose a company for your service:

* Look for a company that provides you with support for all kinds of hardware and software. Do not choose companies having limited computer services. Miami is a large city with a pretty high usage of media devices.

* Choose companies that has trained and certified technicians. Reliable technicians are the ones who have proper certifications and licenses to provide computer services. Miami has companies that can assure you of in-home service from highly qualified and trained engineers.

* Go for companies that charge you flat rates instead of hourly payment system. The flat rates being charged include a number of services for a particular period of time.

* There are companies providing you free online support through remote access on your computer or laptop. If you find it inconvenient to have technicians in your house or send your device for any kind of repair related to software, you can call the helpline toll free number of the computer services companies and get the support after they connect to your machine. This is a very interesting service in which you get to learn a lot about computers as well.

How would you feel in case there are bills of high amounts sent to you? There are companies in Miami that maintain transparency by letting you know before hand, the expenses that you have to bear for the repair of your device.

Well, it seems like you are looking for a good company that can provide repair services for your device. iTechnology Solutions is a well known company providing repair services to customers all over Miami and Ft Lauderdale. So hurry up and contact them without wasting much time!

4 Reasons You Should Be Using Anti Virus Software

Hello to all of those reading this article! For this article, I decided to write about the top 4 reasons one should use Anti-Virus software. Anti-Virus software is fairly common, and a lot of people use it. However, there are also millions of users who insist that they do not need any type of anti-virus software. Perhaps they think that viruses aren’t enough of a threat to make downloading anti-virus software an important part of owning a company. Other people might have the false impression that their computer can be protected without anti-virus software. These people are wrong though. To prove this, here is my list of the top 4 reasons you should use virus protection

1. Viruses Are Everywhere!

This is so true. Viruses are everywhere. Millions of e-mails are being sent per day with viruses included with them. Virus removals is by far one of the most common services requested at PC repair shops. The sheer number of viruses makes it likely that you will get hit with a virus sooner or later, even if you make it a habit of staying safe on the internet.

2. Virus Severity!

When people think of computer viruses, they think of them slowing down your computer or making the computers unable to load. However, viruses can do much worse. Viruses can delete all of your data. Viruses can e-mail all of your friends and infect them as well from your computer. Viruses can even obtain your credit card numbers and send them to hackers resulting in charges of thousands of dollars.

3. Ease Of Infection

Another reason to download anti-virus software is that it is fairly easy for a virus to infect your system. Viruses can some in many different ways. For instance, you can even be infected by a virus just by going to a website. There are many security holes in Windows which can lead to a virus infection. While you can update windows and install patches for these critical security holes, you may not get to these patches right away. Windows security patches are released fairly often, and even waiting a few hours to install one could be enough time for your computer to be infected by a virus.

4. It’s Easy!

It is fairly easy to install anti-virus software. In addition, there are many anti-virus software programs that are absolutely free to use. You don’t even have to pay for future updates. These virus protection software programs are used by millions of users every day and prevent a countless amount of infections.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Most importantly though, I hope I convinced you to download anti-virus software. It takes only a few minutes to download anti-virus software, and it can later prevent you from losing all of your data and having to spend hundreds of dollars to fix you computers. Good luck, and stay safe on the internet!


Easy and Affordable Computer Repairs

plan_1_e-300x300Not just computer repairs, but even installing / uninstalling hardware and software requires knowledge without which your entire system could be seriously affected. When you own home computers or laptops, repairs are quite common and let us face it; it is simply not possible for most of us to survive without a computer. The computer service you need can range from simple replacement of parts or connecting an external device to complex software problems involving expert knowledge. Not all computer repair problems can be solved by novices at home. You might require expert help or you could end up making the problem worse.

Some of the common types of computer service you might require help for include upgrading an old computer, connecting external devices such as webcams, printers, wireless modems etc to your computer, Virus detection and removal, Firewalls and internet security, Installation of specific software or operating systems, setting home or office networks, or even completely reformatting the hard drive. Computer repairs might also include hardware problems such as flickering monitors, degradation in the performance of speakers, blown fuses, problems in the motherboard, etc.

Computer repairs involving software problems can be quite baffling. For instance if a virus is affecting your system, you could try removing it using a virus removing software. However this might not be effective if you dont know any details about the virus since not all software can effectively detect and remove all viruses. This might cause you to loose precious data and cause other problems too and you might end up employing professional computer service anyway!

Computer repairs need to be handled carefully. For instance, some hardware needs to be configured before they can be installed on to your computer. The jumpers on the hardware need to properly positioned and the software available for it needs to be installed properly for the hardware to be even detected. A proper computer service technician takes care of all this and also ensures that the hardware available is compatible with your system.

Sometimes computer repairs might include replacement of hardware either due to malfunctioning or because a newer and upgraded version is available that is of more use to you. The hardware that is easiest to replace are the external devices such as speakers and printers. In most cases, simply uninstalling the device driver software from the system and then unplugging the device might help. When you restart the computer, it will automatically remove the hardware if it is unplugged. However, if the hardware device is not properly unplugged, your operating system might detect it and try to uninstall it again. If you have a contract with a professional computer service company, they can ensure that the old device is properly uninstalled from your system and the new one is completely installed so that it doesn’t malfunction.

Computer repairs involving replacement of internal devices are much more complex and simply cannot be done by novices. Such repairs might include CD ROM drives, Floppy disc drives, Hard disk drives, etc. If their installation is not done properly, it will not only affect the functioning of that particular drive but could affect the functioning of the entire system. Only technicians from a professional computer service should conduct such an operation.

Choosing a Reputable Computer Repair Technician

The most recent iterations of the Windows operating systems will allow for remote service, and this is usually quicker and thus less expensive than having computer repairs carried out by a visit to your home or office. The downside of this, is that remote computer services are only available if your internet is still intact and the computer can boot up, so if your computer isn’t connecting the internet, or not booting at all, this will usually not be an option.

To begin a remote session, contact the computer repair company, they will have you go to a website that facilitates the remote connection. This allows them to access your computer, and to work on it over the internet just as though they were sitting in front of it; a good technician will explain what they are doing at every stage, and if done correctly, can usually have a viable fix performed quite quickly.

Of course, if your computer problems are hardware related, or not suitable for remote repair, then your choices become a bit more limited; call a computer technician to come to you, or bring it to them.

If you take your computer to a computer repair shop, you will usually only need to take the desktop itself, not the keyboard, mouse or monitor. The advantage of doing this is that the computer repair company often has better facilities or more spare parts on hand, and it may turn out to be less expensive than the technician visiting on site. It’s also obviously easier if some diagnostic software has to be left running overnight, as you won’t be getting charged for the time it takes to do that.

If the computer services are done via an on site visit, there are some obvious precautions that you should consider. If possible, try to find some reviews on the company and choose one that has a store front as well. Make sure you see some credible ID before letting a stranger have access to your premises and access to all your confidential information.

The great advantage of having someone on site is that you don’t have to dismantle anything, and you will be able to see what the computer technician does. This coupled with a few questions and answers, may mean that you gain enough knowledge to repair your own computer should it develop a similar fault in the future. Most problems are more complex though, so developing a good working relationship with a computer repair company you can trust, means you can call them again with confidence.


Why Anti Virus Programs Are Important For Your PC

Nowadays, no one can afford to be without anti virus software for their Microsoft (MS) Windows computers. Virus protection is one of the most important factors in PC protection.

You may feel that your Windows computer is safe because you already have an anti virus software package set up. On the other hand, take care! No anti-virus software is usually one hundred percent successful plus your virus defense is only as useful as its latest virus signature update.

Virus Security Vulnerabilities

Computer systems are vulnerable to many types of unsafe software exploits such as viruses, trojans, and worms (jointly referred to as “malware”). With no anti-virus software programs installed, there is a good chance that your MS Windows workstation might be contaminated by means of a virus.

Personal-computers running Windows tend to be more susceptible to viruses than other operating systems (for example Linux or Mac etc) merely for the reason that the popularity of Microsoft operating systems systems attracts the most interest from virus creators.

If your desktop system becomes compromised through a virus, a possible choice is to look for a qualified specialist that provides both instant virus elimination services plus offers comprehensive software maintenance contracts to aid with any future virus related problems.

If your PC is infected with a virus and you can’t justify the expense of professional assistance, your only option might be a total MS Windows install. A complete Microsoft Windows installation (consisting of hard drive format and Windows re-installation) may take more than eight hours and computer professionals may ask for several hundred dollars to do the job.


On a daily basis there are scores of extra victims of viruses, spy-ware and other on-line threats.


Attachments to emails are a frequent source of viruses. Infected attachments concealed as screen savers, pictures or even Word documents can cary viruses. Before you download and read attachments from emails or the Internet scan the attachment with antivirus computer software. Do not open electronic message attachments which you are not expecting (even from somebody you recognize). By opening these attachments you could initiate virus infection.

Spyware and Adware

Spyware computer programs are set up without your knowledge and capture and monitor Microsoft operating system / PC activity.

There are many other risks including input loggers, trojan horses and malware. The fact of the matter is that no single anti-virus package can fully shield against all likely threats.

Web-based Risks

When your personal computer is connected to the Internet, it is at risk from malicious software. World-wide-web safety specialists recommend that, at the very least, you should: (i) install good anti virus platforms (ii) schedule regular scans and (iii) update virus signatures on a regular basis.

Antivirus Tools

There are countless free PC virus shield software program alternatives available if you know where to look. Some anti virus programs outperform others so it pays to do your research. AVG Free is the most popular antivirus package available and, in addition, works great with Windows 7.

Commercially available antivirus programs are likely to be more successful at preventing viruses and provide better support compared to the free alternatives. You must consider good, commercial anti virus software if you utilize your Windows PC for anything besides trifling use (e.g. gaming). Certainly, for business use, you will need to consider a commercial anti-virus solution to provide enhanced protection against uninvited system downtime and lost productivity.

Microsoft Standard Protection

There are a number of in-built features that come as default with various Microsoft operating systems versions and software programs.

Outlook, as an example, has an approach to Internet defense which comprises of multiple safety and filter options for spam, viruses and phishing in addition to some content filtering features.

Vista and Windows 7 possess a built in safety method referred to as User Account Control (UAC) which, when enabled (enabled is default for a new Windows installation), thwart illicit installation of any software program onto your personal computer.

Macro viruses are becoming an increasing danger for users of Microsoft Office products such as Powerpoint, Word and Excel. The more modern Microsoft Office products disable macros by default in an effort to cut back the possibility of dangerous macro viruses.

Free virus protection tools are available to download from Microsoft. The MS malicious software removal tool checks your MS Windows installation for any type of malware or other suspicious software programs.

Virus Updates

Antivirus software is different from other types of software for the reason that it must be updated frequently to be of use. Failure to update antivirus software leaves personal computer systems at risk of infection.

Immediately after installing your anti virus software, be sure to configure it to check for updates routinely.

Nearly all antivirus computer software comes with one year of updates. After the first year, you usually need to pay for additional updates.


The worlds best antivirus detection is of little use if you can’t learn how you can install it, if updates are complicated to execute, if management of the package is a time consuming bore or if the software doesn’t provide protection for the way that you use you PC. Therefore, it’s important to find anti virus software that is simple but effective for your particular needs.

If you run MS Windows, you unquestionably need to have personal computer virus safety installed. The loss of your workstation or data due to viruses can be disastrous. If you’re serious about obtaining the best safety, you must look at installing a decent commercial anti-virus solution.